The Fundamental Classes

Clown 1

Jump into your like a little flower...rediscover your playful spirit and the simple pleasure and ferocious generosity of performance. We will pursue the clown together in all of its messy and hilarious beauty. Your relationship to all other forms of drama will be enriched by the openness and reckless abandon that the clown requires.

Clown 2

You just found the Ha-Ha. Keep going! After the clowns are discovered, they can begin to make a mess together in gleeful pandemonium. Students begin to work in groups (families, duos and trios), create clown numbers, and develop solo material.

Commedia dell'arte

Discover the world of Harlequino, Pantalone, and other archetypes of the Commedia dell'Arte. Celebrate the vulgar, the romantic and, of course, the profane. Find the lazzi. Learn to bring the mask to life. Live fully in your body. Investigate the actor/creator. Take ownership of your work.

Upcoming Workshops