Autumn 2017 Workshops

Rediscover your impulse to play! How much fun can you find with the performer's most essential playmate, the audience!  Through a series of exercises drawn from clown, le jeu, games and improvisation,  you will learn to listen and respond with your whole body, develop a more playful and dynamic relationship with people, things and the space around you, and take bold risks — all in the name of your fun! Find play and game and you will not only enliven your presence onstage but discover exciting, new possibilities for entering the world of the clown and approaching character and text. Play is the beginning and a very good place to start this work as well as an essential place to revisit once you have begun! 
Admission is open to all students. Instructor: Justine Williams. This class includes the following 3 days: 
Friday, October 27, 7-10pm
Saturday, October 28, 1-5pm
Sunday, October 29, 12-5pm
@ ART NY South Oxford Space, 138 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY $190
clown for all weekend
It’s a complete disaster of fun and chaos... Everyone's invited! Exercises will be tailored to each individual's level and built to encourage both discovery and continuing growth: encouraging the new and provoking the veterans simultaneously. We will surely illuminate something elusive and rare: the comic world (with great peals of laughter)! Admission is open to all students. Instructor: Christopher Bayes.
Each weekend is a separate workshop.
Saturday, October 14 & Sunday, October 15
Saturday, December 2 & Sunday, December 3
10pm - 5pm (with an hour lunch break)
@ Jack - 505 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 
$295 per weekend workshop
acting as play: clown & scene study
In this hybrid acting/clown class we'll apply the relentless appetite for fun of the clown to the fundamentals of acting and scene work. Bridging the gap between two seemingly different approaches to actor training, Acting as Play will challenge you to shed your shame, blow the lid off your imagination, and pursue your objectives with such abandon that you will inevitably get into whatever kind of trouble the play demands. Learn how to unlock your fun and make friends with the discomfort and anxiety that can accompany auditioning and performance. 
THIS IS A 6 WEEK workshop. Class size is limited to 16. Admission is open to all students. 
Instructor: Gabriel Levey. 
Sundays, November 5-December 10
6:30-10:30pm @ 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St., Manhattan $360
For more information or to sign up, email or to ask a question call Virginia @ 917-533-1924.